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Madison offered her views on the future of classical dance. “I hope that ballet — and indeed theatre — will remain a safe haven. It’s like a church in a sense: ‘Come in where you can be fully present and not think about any pain and struggles and experience what’s there.’ It allows people to forget as well as to remember.
— Margaret Willis

...Keesler, a San Francisco Ballet corps member, has already drawn notice in soloist roles. In Helgi Tomasson’s Giselle, her engaging glances lent a girlish appeal to her strong technique in the demanding peasant pas de cinq. And as a demi-soloist in Symphony in C, Keesler stood out for a sensitivity and expressiveness in her dancing, for ports de bras that seem to unfurl endlessly, for her fluid transitions, and that piercing focus that connects her with her partners as well as the audience.
— Mary Ellen Hunt

Meet The Artist Interview - San Francisco Ballet

2019 Meet The Artist Interview - San Francisco Ballet