ENB Tour to China

English National Ballet Tour to China

Week #1 in Tianjin


Sunday, April 19, 2015:
Day 2

We are here!  English National Ballet officially arrived in Tianjin, China yesterday.  This is technically our second day, but with all the traveling and jetlag the first day is quite a blur.  We took a nine hour flight from London to Beijing, and from there we took a bus for another two and a half hours.  By the time we got to our hotel the only thing I managed to do was eat and sleep.

Our hotel in Tianjin is extremely comfortable.  It has a kitchen, a washing machine, and even a rice cooker!  It will certainly make our stay here much, much more comfortable.



Here is the view from our hotel room!

After sleeping for a total of 15 hours the first night, it took me quite awhile to put myself together morning; however once I got up I was excited to take advantage of the day.  I headed down to the center of Tianjin and spent a long time walking and taking pictures and videos.  


On our way back to the hotel we found ourselves in the backseat of a cab with a particularly chatty taxi driver.  He had so much to tell us, but unfortunately he spoke no English.  He did try really hard to teach us a few words though!

From here I found a shopping market, bought some food, and headed back to my lovely room.  

Now, I’m typing this at 1:53AM due to my oversleeping last night…Oops!  It looks like it’s time for bed now.

Goodnight from China!

Monday, April 20, 2015
Day 3

Today was our first day in the Theater.  It is hard to believe the large scale of everything here in Tianjin.  It takes about 10 minutes just to walk past three buildings!  Besides the theater being a bit too cold, it is going to be a lovely place to perform.



Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Day 5

We had our first performance here in China today!  We have performed Coppelia many different times and in many different places throughout my time in the company — from Milton Keynes, to London, to Madrid — but this time was a special one for me.  Not only were we performing in China, but this performance was my first time back on the stage since dealing with an injury.

The show went very well overall.  A funny thing happened when the curtain went down however, not many people were clapping!  Now, of course everyone’s first thought was, “did they not like it?!”  We quickly saw that it wasn’t that they didn’t enjoy the show, but rather that they all wanted to take a picture of the bows with their cameras and phones!  That was certainly a new experience for us. 




Thursday, April 23, 2015
Day 6

Today was our day off from rehearsals and performing and it was great in so many ways.  First, we went to the Great Wall of China.  Then, we went to a great dinner.  Finally, we got a great massage.

The first time I saw The Great Wall of China was about 6 years ago while on tour with San Francisco Ballet.  We went to an area in Beijing and while it was an incredible first experience, it was a very touristy part of the wall.

This picture is from my first time at the Great Wall about six years ago!

This picture is from my first time at the Great Wall about six years ago!

This time we decided to go from an area near Tianjin which meant much less tourists.  At times it felt like our group of about 12 dancers were the only people on the entire wall.  It was a whole new experience.

Here are some pictures from our day!



After the Great Wall we went to a delicious dinner.


We finished off the day with a very inexpensive massage place around the corner and got an hour and a half massage for only 10 pounds!

I crashed at the end of the day feeling very satisfied with everything that we managed to accomplish on our day off!

Friday, April 24, 2015
Day 7

Today marks the first show of Swan Lake in China during this tour.  It seemed to be very well received!  There was even a nice crowd outside and inside the theater to greet the principal dancers after the show.

Monday, April 27, 2015
Day 10

Our first week in China went much smoother than I was anticipating.  We are heading to Guangzhou now, but I will do my best to keep the week updates going!  

A lovely sunset in front of the theater