My Japan Adventure Begins

Coppelia Poster 2012.jpg

Today is only my third day working here in Japan, but somehow it feels like I have already been here for weeks.  So far it has been nothing but a wonderful experience.  Even the tough times have been an incredible time of personal growth. 

I am currently working in the studios with the entire NBA Ballet Company, which is located outside of Tokyo.  My first day was spent piecing everything together.  Day two was filled with some private rehearsals as well as watching and dancing in the back while another cast rehearsed a run-through (doing this really helps to understand the ballet in its entiredy).  Today, day three, was my time to do a semi-run through.  I'm still quite nervous, but after successfully getting through today I'm feeling much more secure about everything.  On Friday night we will all leave for Tokyo to prepare for Saturday rehearsals at the theater.  Then Sunday will be my big show!