The Giants Win The World Series Once Again


When the Giants won the World Series last year I was completely oblivious to the intense reaction people would have.  I had been at a preview screening for the movie "Black Swan" when I walked out into the middle of it all.  The screening was located close to the ball park, which was the epicenter of the celebrations -- "madness" may be a more accurate word to use than "celebrations" actually.  That evening I learned just how seriously these fans take their baseball.  I had to give a high-five to everyone as I walked by; however, it wasn't because I was that excited about the game, but more out of fear that they would attack if I didn't celebrate as intensely as the rest of the city.

This time around I was in my weekly class for the LEAP program of St. Mary's College when I heard that The SF Giants had won again.  The scenes were even worse this year than last, and driving home was a bit nerve-racking.  While in my car I got stuck in the Mission Distract as people set off fireworks in the middle of an intersection (see video below).  It was a nice feeling to get home safely, but even now at 2am I can still hear the fireworks and honking horns.  

I can respect that people enjoy baseball as much as they do, but when I see videos being posted of so much craziness, such as the downtown Muni bus that was on fire, I personally think it is worth questioning why people feel the urge to go this nuts over a baseball game...

Madison KeeslerComment